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e-KnoT - 3rd Business Research Dialogue:

Time - synchronisation and secure financial transactions

When:     Thu., 3 May 2018, 17:00 h to 22:00 h

Mid-December 2016 the European Commission declared the Global Navigation Satellite System "Galileo" operable. 

With the Business Research Dialogue the Bavarian Cluster Aerospace brings together stakeholders from different sectors benefitting from these free positioning, navigation and timing services. During the evening we will explore the use of these service, especially the time aspect. In the inspiring atmosphere of the Seehaus loft we will illuminate business opportunities, state-of-the art and visions for time - as essential input to large financial, communication and transport networks. The joint efforts of the evening are directed to find out about promising chances and opportunities in the combination with secure financial transactions or in general when trying to temporally synchronise actions on a larger scale as part of a network.

Two keynote speakers, Giovanna Signorile, National Institute for Metrological Research (INRIM), Torino, and Werner Lange, Lange-Electronic, Gernlinden, CEO & Founder of Lange-Electronic, will create an inspiring discussion basis for you. Thomas Tanghe, SpaceTec Partners, Brussels/Munich, will focus on access-to-finance for business concepts involving the use of technologies like satellite navigation. Luisa Wagner, AZO - Anwendungszentrum Oberpfaffenhofen, will present the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) and showcase how new high-tech business ideas are supported by the innovation network to foster the Galileo/EGNOS user uptake.

The two will be followed by impulse presentations of innovative ideas and applications linked to timing, synchronisation and secure financial transactions, thus facilitating the questions & answer rounds, sparkling new ideas and firing your dinner talks.

Objective of the evening is to discuss and find new applications and use cases for GNSS in the context of time and synchronisation to give feedback to the European GNSS Agency in Prague (responsible for the European GNSS infrastructures) about the requirements and needs to be met in specific use cases.

Target group

Target group of the Business Research Dialogue are CEOs of small & medium-sized companies as well as heads of research and development groups in the fields of GNSS downstream technologies and applications linked to time, synchronisation and secure transactions.


For this event, bavAIRia teams up with the:

- Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Torino,  is a public research centre acting as Italy's national metrology institute. INRIM realises, maintains and develops the national reference standards of the measurement units of the International System (SI) and of derived units. Thanks to these standards, the Institute is able to ensure measurements that are reliable and comparable on both, a national and an international scale.

- Lange-Electronic, Gernlinden, was founded in 1977 as a distributor for timing systems of an American manufacturer. It soon started to adapt these systems to customers’ requirements, gradually resulting in a full-fledged development laboratory for telemetry and data acquisition systems. After more than 40 years in business Lange-Electronic has extended its range of products and is also distributing products from several companies from the UK, USA or Poland. In addition to its own timing and frequency sources, time distribution and Monitoring systems, it also supplies satellite simulation systems, precise clocks and time transfer systems.

- SpaceTec Partners, Brussels/Munich, is a strategy, management and communications consultancy group which operates two offices in Munich and Brussels. Its broad array of services includes strategy and technology consulting, communication activities, and interdisciplinary project management mainly for public institutions in the space and space applications domain. SpaceTec Partners further engages in venture capital and provides business coaching for start-ups and SMEs.

- AZO Anwendungszentrum Oberpfaffenhofen, Gilching, is an international networking and branding company initiating the most important space-related innovation competitions with more than 15,000 participants, over 200 industrial & public - and 400 international stakeholders. The Masters Series, presented by AZO consists of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC), Copernicus Masters, Space Exploration Masters, and INNOspace Masters. Additionally, AZO runs a very successful business angel network, which invested more than 130 M € of venture capital in 2016/17, and the ESA Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Bavaria.


The workshop is under the scope of e-KnoT - a project run by a consortium of qualified institutions with strong experiences in GNSS education, research, cooperation with companies and the industrial world. e-KnoT is supported by the European Union as part of the Horizon2020 programme.


To apply for participation in the event, please click here. 

AGENDA - 3 May 2018

From 16.30  

Registration and Welcome Cocktail





Andreas Gundel, bavAIRia e.V., Gilching




Time & Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Giovanna Signorile, National Institute for Metrological Research, Turin, I 




Time & frequency for finance and networks for more than forty years
Werner & Oliver Lange, Lange-Electronic, Gernlinden


Financing space applications 101                                                                        Thomas Tanghe, SpaceTec Partners, Brussels/Munich


Galileo for Business: The European Satellite Navigation Competition              Luisa Wagner, Anwendungszentrum Oberpfaffenhofen, Gilching




(Presentation: Jürgen Vogel, bavAIRia)


Crowd funding for space innovation                                                                   Samuel Gerlach, FunderNation, Bensheim 


Evolution of timing into the Galileo era                                                                   Edoardo Detoma, LJT & Associates, Turin, I


Secure time: Application for security in automotive industries & beyond               Karsten Mattmüller, Continental Automotive, Regensburg 


GNSS for secure applications: Threats and countermeasures                             Jan Wendel, Airbus Defence and Space, Ottobrunn                                                                       








ca. 22 h