Bavaria as a location

Bavaria is the most important aerospace location in Germany. In total, the aerospace industry in Bavaria employs about 38,000 people in around 550 companies and generates sales of about 12 billion euros per year. Bavaria is thus one of the economically strongest regions in the German aerospace industry and contributes significantly to technological development and innovation in this sector. Bavaria stands for total system capability and covers the entire aerospace value chain in both the civil and military sectors – from research, development and production to in-service support and service providers such as users of aerospace data.


Infrastructure: Bavaria has an excellent infrastructure. Mobility is a prerequisite for growth. This requires a modern, efficient transport infrastructure. Munich Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and an important hub for international air traffic. In addition, there are other commercial airports such as Nuremberg or Augsburg, the special airport Oberpfaffenhofen, which is also used intensively for research flights and operates the TUEF (test field for unmanned and electric flight), and numerous other local airfields.

Research and development: Bavaria looks back on a long tradition in research and development and is therefore an ideal location for aerospace research. 9 state universities, 24 universities of applied sciences, renowned research and science institutions open up interesting cooperation opportunities for innovative companies. The significance of research and development can be seen in the Bavarian Innovation Strategy: the aim is to increase the share of total R&D expenditure to 4% of Bavarian GDP by 2030.

Economic strength: Bavaria is one of the economically strongest regions in Europe and has a wide range of industries and sectors (market for key technologies). This offers the aerospace industry a wide range of business opportunities and partnerships.

Education and workforce: Bavaria has an excellent education in engineering and aerospace technology. The universities in Bavaria have an excellent reputation in these fields and produce highly qualified specialists.

Political support: The Bavarian government actively supports the aerospace industry and has launched various initiatives and programmes to promote and support the industry. With the Cluster Offensive, the Free State of Bavaria promotes the competitiveness of Bavarian companies in 17 key industries. The cluster platforms, which are active throughout Bavaria, network companies and research institutions. The clusters help companies to jointly develop products, optimise business processes and conquer markets.