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International Cooperation: Finland-Bavaria

Date: June 25, 2019, 10:00-17:00h

Location: bavAIRia e.V., Friedrichshafener Str. 1, 82205 Gilching, Germany

Am 25. Juni 2019 findet eine Veranstaltung zum Thema internationale Kooperation: Finnland – Bayern statt. Die Veranstaltung bietet die Möglichkeit, die eigene Expertise vorzustellen, sich in bilateralen Gesprächen miteinander auszutauschen sowie mögliche Kooperationspartner zu finden. Unten finden Sie weitere Informationen über die beteiligten finnischen Firmen. Die Veranstaltung wird von Business Finland und dem bavAIRia e.V. organisiert.

On June 25, 2019, there will be an event on international cooperation: Finland - Bavaria. The event offers the opportunity to present the own expertise, to exchange ideas in bilateral talks and to find potential cooperation partners. Below you will find more information about the participating Finnish companies. The event is organized by Business Finland and bavAIRia e.V.

Draft Agenda:

10:00   Welcome   bavAIRia - Baerbel Deisting
10:10Introduction to the Finish Space SceneBusiness Finland - Marcus Ranne
10:40The Bavarian Space and Space Applications ScenebavAIRia - Baerbel Deisting
11:10Pitches of participating companies (3 minutes each)all
13:10B2B Meetings (15-20 minutes each)all
14:50Coffee Break
15:10B2B Meetings (15-20 minutes each)all
16:50Wrap Up & ConclusionsBusiness Finland - Teuvo Heikkinen

Finish companies interested in the event:

Company   In which topics/types of companies are you interested?
Arbonaut Ltd.Forest companies and public authorities in charge of forests, remote sensing companies, relevant universities and research falicilities and data providers like DLR
Bitcomp OyWe have also unit ( Bitcomp GmbH) in Germany and we are searching for partners in EO data processing and analysing. We are currently running R&D project funded by ESA, where we utlize the latest satellite technologies together with mobile solutions. We are interested to find companies, which could be our representatives in German market or which could directly utilize our technologies in their business.
Bittium OyConnectivity/telecom, security, IoT, remote medical healthcare, Software Defined Systems (Networks/Radios/Cars/etc.)
Harp Technologies LtdCompanies developing products that take advantage of RF technology (e.g., wireless communication), but do not have that expertise or design tools in-house
Magister Solutions Oy
  • Companies that are developing wireless systems, providing telecom services or looking for expertise in telecommunications
  • Satcom vendors and Operator
  • Telecom vendors and Operators
  • Defense and aerospace sector
Picosun OyProvide a solution to mitigate tin whiskers and enable use of COTS; for primes and aerospace companies who are in position to make the decision of the use/order of such coating in their products. Other uses are for corrosion and atmospheric oxygen (plasma) protection for example.
TerramonitorUse of Space data services, finding potential business and distribution partners, R&D cooperation.
Simosol OyForestry sector companies; either companies producing round wood to the markets or manufacturing companies sourcing wood for value added production
Space Systems Finland LtdSpace and NewSpace companies, Data Science / Analytics
Wuudis Solutions OyTopics: Forestry, Bio-energy, Agriculture, EO data. Type of companies: Companies in Forest sector, Forest centre, Forest association, Software company in Forestry/Agriculture, Wood industry, Geospatial companies.

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