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Validation of the draft on a "Roadmap for digitalisation via Earth Observation/Copernicus data"


We thank you for your valuable inputs to our consolidation/validation procedure, the submission function has been disabled.

The final version V1.5 of the roadmap will be available on the project website of the CoRdiNet Project, please follow this link.





The current version 1.4 of the “Roadmap for digitalisation via Earth Observation / Copernicus data” as drafted by CoRdiNet's Copernicus European Regional Strategy Panel (CERSP) is to undergo a validation and consultation process as described in Chapter 5 of the document; here the link to the document on the project website of CoRdiNet, which gives also more details on the document.


A set of questions has been set-up in order to facilitate gathering feedback from the target group and its stakeholders in order to improve on the roadmap. Here, the questions are implemented in form of an online questionnaire, see below, which makes it easier to systematically collect and integrate feedback into the final document. The questions could also be used in short personal interviews with policy makers and regional stakeholders involved in the local digitalisation process.


This validation and consultation procedure is part of the activities conducted in the framework of the CoRdiNet project led by the Bavarian Aerospace Cluster bavAIRia e.V. The project is implemented in cooperation with five EU partners and Norway, i.e. five Copernicus Relays and the Nereus Association, Brussels.

CoRdiNet is funded by the European Union under its Horizon 2020 Programme, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, under grant agreement no. 821911.



Many thanks for your participation!