Space and Space Applications

Bavaria is one of the most renowned locations in Europe for space and space applications. Its strength is based on the diversity and innovative capacity of its industries. In addition to large companies, Bavaria is home to numerous highly specialised small and medium-sized enterprises as well as eight universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions offering education and research in the fields of aviation, space and space applications. The field of industry players is complemented by an excellent infrastructure includiung the Galileo Control Center, GSOC, GATE, EOC, ESA BIC, Satellite Navigation Initiative Berchtesgadener Land etc.


  • bavAIRia offers different stakeholders - small and medium sized enterprises, larger companies, universities, research institutes - platforms for exchange and communication interaction, for example in thematic working groups and in user fora.
  • bavAIRia links key space technology players with users, therby stimulates the implementation of innovative ideas
  • bavAIRia organises special events where topics unique to particular industries can be discussed and where networking can be facilitated
  • bavAIRia is the home for the German ESA IAP Ambassador. As a broker/intermediary between ESA, industry and users, the IAP Ambassador's tasks are to raise awareness for space based applications and support stakeholders to get sustainable ideas under way, and, vice versa, to point out to developers of applications the direct path to ESA programmes and necessary contacts.