Location Bavaria

Location Bavaria

Bavaria is recognized as a leading European aerospace industry location as well as a leading European space and space application location. Bavarian industry, science, and research, as well as the availability of relevant basic and advanced technical training have made Bavaria a High-Tech hub of international repute. The structural situation of the aviation and space industry sector in Bavaria serves as a springboard to assume a leading competitive role on a global level.

  • three original equipment manufacturers
  • four large systems manufacturers (Tier1 suppliers)
  • numerous well-positioned suppliers
  • engineering service providers
  • science and training institutions and
  • a well-developed aviation infrastructure.

Key players in European and global space and space applications are to be found in Bavaria. Bavaria is home to, in addition to internationally operating companies, innovative small and medium-size businesses and numerous startups.

  • the German Space Operations Center – GSOC
  • the Galileo Control Centre
  • the German Galileo Test and Development Environment (GATE) in Berchtesgaden
  • the German Aerospace Center DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen and its institutes
  • the DLR Earth Observation Center
  • the Fraunhofer Institute
  • the ESA Business Incubator and
  • numerous universities and technical schools

Areas of specialization include the construction of military aircraft, flight propulsion systems, helicopters, and the associated subsystems, components and parts as well as the provision of large components and systems for major civil aircraft manufacturers worldwide. The development and production of future technologies like unmanned aerial systems are already well established and characterized by its great economic potential.

Some 38,000 engineers, technicians, and commercial aviation industry specialists work in Bavaria and generate an annual turnover of ten billion euro.

Including those directly employed in the air traffic industry (at airports in Munich, Nuremberg, Memmingen, and Hof) well over 60,000 people work in the aviation and space industry sector in Bavaria. Bavaria holds an outstanding position among the regions in Germany and Europe, which are heavily engaged in aviation industry activities. The existing relevant research institutions located in the Federal State of Bavaria support Bavaria’s excellent position in the field of the aerospace industry, with a total of 18 specialized universities, colleges and research institutions (German Aerospace Center, Fraunhofer and Max Planck institutes).

The Bavarian state government recognized, at an early stage, the importance of promoting space and space applications activities and will continue to encourage the development of companies, research institutions and universities active in this field in order to retain this reputation.

Close collaboration between science and industry is the foundation for the emergence of innovative technologies, applications, and services. One key to success is the range of available technological expertise in such fields as satellite navigation, satellite communication, earth observation, robotics, mechatronics, and space propulsion systems. Another factor contributing to the success of Bavaria as a space location is the high concentration of firms in possible spaced application fields, which provides an exceptional starting point doe developing new domains for products and services. Traditionally well-developed strategic areas like information and communication, telecommunications, and software and chip development have high creative potential.

With their research and training activities, the institutions of higher learning contribute a steady flow of highly qualified experts. In Munich alone, every year over 200 students in the aerospace disciplines successfully graduate from the Technical University, the University of Applied Sciences and the University of the Federal Armed Forces. In related engineering fields, the number is several thousand graduates per year.

The aerospace industry sector in Bavaria has a unique reputation worldwide due to Bavaria’s high-tech environment and the prominence of its aerospace cluster.