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Call for Expression of Interest to host SUNRISE Roadshow

SUNRISE aims at ensuring the successful implementation and evolution of EU GNSS Programs by involving relevant stakeholders (mainly users) and to make sure that their needs are fully understood and taken into account when developing applications or deciding future infrastructure evolutions. In order to achieve this objective, SUNRISE establishes User Fora addressing the two major markets for GNSS-based applications: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Location–Based Services (LBS), see

SUNRISE offers to engaged regions in Europe the expertise of its team and the link to key players active in the design of concrete activities and policies building on top of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Regions are encouraged to apply for hosting one of the SUNRISE Roadshows.

Please find here the pdf-file details to the “Call for Expression of Interest” to host a SUNRISE Roadshow, a half to one day information event giving you the latest update and support to become active or stay at the fore-front of investing in products and services linked to Europe’s biggest technology investments, Galileo and EGNOS.

Please note: extended deadline until Monday, 21 July 2014.