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Aschauer Str. 21
81549 München
Telefon+49 / 89 / 6512200
Fax+49 / 89 / 655217
Geschäftsführung   Ted Hopper

MACCON is partner for demanding drive, positioning and automation projects. Our expertise is the development and manufacture of electric motors, electro-mechanical actuators and the power and control electronics needed to operate them.

The company was founded in 1982; currently MACCON has a staff of around 30, half of which are engineers and technicians. Our development and production meet high standards, including the ECCS space regulations. We are further able to test and qualify drives and mechanisms in our own test and environmental laboratories.



  • Actuators for flight control, including High-Lift
  • Auxiliary drives such as generators, pumps, ventilators etc.
  • Auxiliary actuators: seats, doors and hatches
  • Transportation drives in the hold (PDUs)
  • Generators for electric power units (APUs)
  • Control stick controls with force-feedback
  • Drives for aircraft and ground radar systems
  • New applications in the area of the 'More-electric Aircraft' with high demands in redundancy, operational security, availability and life


  • Satellite scanners for earth and weather observation
  • Highly accurate pointing systems for laser-based data communication
  • Protection,  aperture and filter controls
  • Deployment and release mechanisms
  • Camera, antenna and sensor positioning
  • Drives for ground-based antennas and test systems, also pilot/astronaut trainers
  • Special drives for space-rated experiments, e.g. micro-gravity centrifuges
  • Scientific experiments and telescopes such as the flying IR Telescope SOFIA, that can observe the skies form the lower stratosphere