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Data-Warehouse GmbH


85521 Ottobrunn
Telefon+49 / 89 / 660 393 0
Fax+49 / 89 / 660 393 11
Dip. Inform (FH) Alexander Löw

Data-Warehouse GmbH provides high-tech data management systems within its portfolio as a system vendor.  Our product portfolio extends from consulting services up to realization of a complete product. Excellence is available in the areas of strategy, holistic information management systems, logistics and process optimization, security and safety management and data protection. Branches are aircraft industry, banking and logistics. We provide long term experience in building up highly efficient IT environments. Our data management suite (IQIMS) is developed to support transparent, revision safe storage of information. This suite is typically used for data consolidation, data migration, master data management  and ensures the customer to build up high quality, high efficient, long term state of the art IT with minimal TCO, personnel and external dependencies  (proven e.g. in mil-aircraft industry). Or product portfolio includes also technology for markerless measurement in Vide  os, algorithmic Optical and multimedia solutions, multimodal biometric solutions and All-IP WAN-Acceleration.  DWH-Customers are fortune 100 as well as midsize companies and public sector.


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